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How to Clean Your Window Screen in Minutes!

Fact: a dirty window screen can increase the negative indoor air quality in your home. Granted, just like a central air filter, a window screen is generally overlooked, too. If you’re striving for cleaner air in your home or feel that the windows have seen better days, then here is the quickest way to clean your screens:

Man fixing the window

Step 1: Remove the Screen(s)

Before you get the process started, you’ll want to remove your window screen(s) first. Of course, this may sound like a challenging process — but it’s quite simple!

To start, just to the inside of your window sill and detach the screen safety latches. From there, gently remove the screen from the window — because it’s quite delicate. After that’s complete, you can then start the washing process!

Step 2: Use the Hose

Once you have your screen(s) setup, it’s time to hose them down. Just like washing your vehicle in the driveway, you’ll want to wash it down with some standard hose water gently.

Of course, if you have a sprayer attachment, you don’t want to power wash the screen — since there could be a chance of it ripping. Gently hose the window down in a gentle motion. After that’s complete, it’s time to soap it up!

Step 3: Get the Soap Ready

After your screen is gently hosed down, it’s time to take some cleaning solution and wipe down the screen itself. When looking for the perfect cleaning agent, there are some window-based solutions on the market — but look for one that will work best for your screen.

From there, take a microfiber cloth, plus the solution, and then run down the screen gently and slowly. After this is complete, then it’s time to rinse it down!

Step 4: Let it Air Dry

Next, after you hosed it down, then it’s time to let the screens air dry. This is the best solution since you don’t want to wipe them down aggressively — since that could damage the screen itself.

It’s good to let the screens dry anywhere from an hour to a whole day, depending on how damp they are. Once completely dry, it’s time to re-secure them to the windows, and then you’ll be good to go!

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