How to Hide Your AC Outdoors

Fact: sometimes your outdoor AC unit can be more of an eyesore than a focal point. Granted, AC units save your home from feeling like a sauna in the summertime — but the hub of the cooling power can seem a bit, “blah.” If you’re looking to give your AC unit some flair, then here are some ways to do it:

AC Unit

Create a Fence

One of the best ways to hide your AC unit is to create a small fence around it. Of course, you don’t want to build a 6ft fence around it — but that’s entirely up to your preference!

To start, you’ll want to obtain some instant medium-sized fencing from your local hardware store. If you’re not familiar with this beautiful creation, it’s usually seen implemented in most gardens and can easily be placed in the ground — without a hammer and nails, of course!

After you have purchased your fencing, you’ll then want to map out how you’ll box the AC unit in. Of course, you don’t want to place the instant fencing too close (since you don’t want the hot air to melt it) — but make it close enough so that it will block the unit from sight. Once that’s complete, you’ll have a beautiful little fence around the unit!

Add Flower Pots

Another way to hide the appearance of your AC unit is to place some flower pots around it. Indeed, you don’t want to have them too close to the cooling hub — since that could be a potential safety hazard.

When picking out the flower pots, you’ll want to obtain those that are large enough to hide the unit but are wide enough to accommodate some Alberta Spruces. Alberta Spruces are miniature tree-like potted plants that will work well with any landscape and can tie the space together!

Once you acquire these materials, you’ll want to plant the spruces in the pots, and then place the pots sporadically around the unit. This will not only give you the unit coverage you’re looking for, but it will tie together your space!

While these are only a few ways you can hide your unit, the possibilities are truly endless. No matter how you decide to create your unit covering, we’re sure it will look stunning — and get the job done!

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