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Why You Should Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Fact: chemical-based cleaners are quite harmful to your home. Sure, these solutions have been around since the beginning of time — but they can deteriorate the most essential aspect of any space, such as your plumbing pipes. If you’re not sure why you should put the spray bottle down, then here are some eye-opening facts that might make it easier to do so:

Diminishes Indoor Air Quality

One of the most prominent features of using chemical cleaners is that it will negatively impact your indoor air quality. Usually, when cleaning your home with one of these solutions, the particles will go airborne, clinging to any surface that’s nearby.

Sure, the cleaners will sanitize anything they’re applied to — but they will also have the chance of causing breathing difficulties, impact those with asthma and more. If you must use a chemical cleaner, then it’s best to keep the windows open and turn any fans on.

This will not only help maintain positive indoor air quality, but it will also help eliminate any “leftovers” from the chemical cleaners.

Harmful to the Environment

Another reason why you should opt for green cleaning solutions is that chemical cleaners are terrible for the environment. Think about the different chemical agents that go into the production of one of these cleaning solutions: none of the ingredients are biodegradable and continue to increase your carbon footprint.

Of course, in the long run, this isn’t suitable for preserving the environment — but there is a solution: green cleaners! These new wave cleaning solutions will not only help protect the environment, but they’ll do the same job as a chemical cleaning agent — without the harmful pollutants taking over the air. It’s a cleaning win for those looking to lessen their carbon footprint!

Damage Plumbing Pipes

Have an older home that’s still using the original pipework from when it was built? If that’s the case, then chemical-based cleaners (especially drain cleaners) will begin to deteriorate the inside of your pipes — which could lead to many potential problems down the road.

The reason being is this: your older plumbing pipes will begin to rupture over time, which could lead to a burst and then potential flooding. Additionally, chemical cleaners will also cling to the inside of the pipes, which could lead to other health-related issues.

If you’re looking for a solution, then it’s best to use either a green cleaner or an enzyme-based cleaner. Not only will these keep your pipes intact — but they’ll clean them with ease, and without the risk of deteriorating their interior.

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