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Benefits of Cooking Outdoors This Summer

Fact: the dog days of summer are upon us — which means that temperatures in Arizona are set to rise even higher. One of the best ways to beat the heat (and have some friends over) is to hold a barbeque! Of course, this culinary staple can be held at any time of the year here — but, it’s best to do it in the summertime, and here’s why:

Outdoor Barbecue

Saves Energy

Unlike cooking indoors, having a culinary experience outdoors will save energy. How, you might ask? Well, the answer is quite simple: less A/C usage. When you cook in the “great outdoors,” there will be open ventilation — meaning that all heat from your grill will “float” into the air and won’t be trapped.

You’ll notice that not only will this keep your home cool (since you’re cooking outdoors), but it will also be the best way to keep your cooling unit at a suitable temperature, without worry or strain on your energy bill.

Keeps Your Home Cool

Another benefit of cooking outdoors is that it will keep your home cool! Sometimes when you cook indoors, despite the A/C unit is on, a stove/oven can add some excess heat and cause the temperature to rise.

When you cook outdoors, as mentioned before, the grill has the open sky to ventilate, keeping your home cool (without lowering the temperature on your thermostat). It’s a win-win situation for those trying to keep their home at a comfortable temperature!

Prepare Healthy Meals

Looking to cut some calories and eat cleaner? When you grill your food, as opposed to cooking/frying in a pan, you’ll be making much healthier meal choices!

Unlike cooking indoors, you’ll be able to prepare a meal with minimal ingredients, creating a much healthier alternative to your favorite meals (that can be grilled, of course)!

Great Way to Entertain

Another benefit of cooking outdoors is that it’s a great way to entertain guests! Of course, inviting friends/family over for a lovely meal indoors is terrific, too — but nothing compares to entertaining outdoors!

Think about it: you and your guests can have a great evening dining under the stars while enjoying the cool night’s air. It’s the best way to take advantage of summer and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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