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Why Should I Give My A/C a Break?

With temperatures on the rise, it’s possible that you may be putting your A/C into overdrive. Whether you have central air or a window unit, there is a chance that you can be using your air conditioner a little more than need. Instead of “blasting” your A/C for a whole day, here are some reasons why you should give it a break:

Using too Much Energy

Believe it or not, your A/C unit is using too much energy. Whether you have it on full “blast” or energy-saving mode, there is the potential that you’re wasting power. This will not only result in raising your energy bills — but it also leads to the possibility of blowing a fuse, which then leads to a power outage.

Raising your Bills

As mentioned before, it’s true: using your A/C unit too frequently will raise your bills to astronomical heights! If you’re looking to save a buck or two, then using your unit 24/7 is not the best solution. In fact, keeping an air conditioner on for more than an hour will double, if not triple the amount of power you’re using in your home.

Will Need a New Filter

When you use your A/C unit at every hour of the day, it will then need to have the filter replaced much sooner than usual. This is because the dirt/dust/debris that flows through the vents will double with frequent use. Usually, an air filter should be replaced every month to two months — but when a unit is put into overdrive, that time frame will lower drastically.

How to cut back on A/C Usage

If you’re looking to become less-dependant on your A/C unit, then it’s simple: just shut it off for a few hours and follow these tips:

  • If it’s a cool day, then it would be best to open any windows with screens. This will not only keep your home comfortable, but it will keep the bugs away, too.
  • Have a ceiling fan in your home? If that’s the case, then it’s best to opt for that instead of your A/C unit. This will create a pleasant breeze in your home, in addition to circulating the air.
  • Did you open the blinds all the way? If so, it’s best to close them halfway. When doing this step, it will let the sunshine in — but will limit the powerful rays, keeping your home quite comfortable.

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