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Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

With springtime in the air, it is time to start thinking about the annual spring cleaning. For many, this is when the primary cleaning work gets done, including carpets, walls, and appliances. However, avoid making the following mistakes when handling this vital job.

Wrong Equipmentyellow rubber glove with pink sponge

In your zest to get started, it is easy to grab the wrong tools for a particular job. For example, don’t wash the walls with a mop. Walls of any texture should be washed by hand, using a soft, damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Don’t use heavy equipment like a full-size vacuum cleaner on carpeted stairs. It is bulky and hard to manage on those narrow steps. Use a junior-size sweeper or whisk broom to clean stair carpeting or treads. Apply the correct sweeper attachments when vacuuming furniture or draperies.

Toxic Cleaning Products

Cheap soap, bleach, and disinfectant products are accessible and affordable from almost any kind of store, whether drugstore or supermarket. Shop for environmentally friendly products that won’t harm household surfaces or release dangerous fumes that can harm people or pets.

Corrosive products like drain cleaners may cause more harm than good when poured into the home’s plumbing system or drain. Non-toxic products are as effective or more so. Homemade cleaners using baking soda and other safe substances are another alternative.

Clogging the Drains

Energetic cleaning often includes buckets of water or extensive hosing down of outer areas like porches and patios. Mopping or wet-vacuuming those areas can pick up debris like mud or pet fur.

When mop water or scrubbing solutions are poured into the drain system or the toilet, clogs, and backups can occur. Sweep outdoor areas or carpets frequented by pets and shoes to remove excess dirt before mopping.

Don’t let well-intentioned spring cleaning add extra chores to your workload. If pipes or the drain does get clogged, call Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. for advice or help. You can also visit our website for more information.