You Can’t Detect These Odors, but Your Guests Can

You Can’t Detect These Odors, but Your Guests Can

Your sense of smell is a fantastic tool that helps you in all kinds of situations. One of the features of your nose is that you quickly get used to smells you are around all the time. This is embarrassing when there is a scent in your home you are not aware of, but your guests can smell. If you think you may have one of these bad smells present in your house, you may want to take steps to remove it.


If you or anyone in your household smokes, your home most certainly smells of smoke. It is a smell that is distasteful to people who don’t smoke. You can make sure it stays out of your house by only smoking outdoors and washing your clothes often.


This is one of the more common smells that people don’t realize is permeating their home until a guest comments on it. This often comes from mold and mildew that are accumulated in your air ducts. Call an HVAC company to do an inspection of your system and clean it if necessary.


If you keep pets in your home, they should produce no noticeable odor. If your guests can smell your pet, you may need to decrease the time between groomings. It also helps to get a strong air purifier that removes dander. Cleaning fur off the floor every day and making sure accidents are immediately cleaned with an enzyme should eliminate any unpleasant odors caused by your pets.


If you cook at home every day, you probably have food smells that linger. This is especially true if you use pungent ingredients, like certain strong-smelling herbs and spices. These scents can hang around for hours. You can reduce odors from cooking by cleaning dishes as you go. If you are using an ingredient with a particularly strong smell, boiling water on the stove with citrus slices removes unwanted odors from the air.

If you are unsure if your house has a strong smell you can’t detect, invite a trusted friend over to ask for their honest opinion. If they smell mold or mildew, call a professional immediately to diagnose the root problem.

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