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Don’t Toss These Items Down the Drain!

Close-up of water draining in an aluminum kitchen sinkOne of life’s greatest mysteries is figuring out what you can successfully toss down a sink drain and what you cannot. Of course, water is a given — but what about food particles or even little pieces of garbage? Well, sit back, relax, and be amazed at what you should never throw down the center of your sink (even if you have a garbage disposal):

Fruit Stickers

When you’re about to eat an apple or banana, chances are there’s a produce sticker on the piece of fruit. Indeed, this is needed to tell the price of the fruit, in addition to any regulations/facts the buyer should know. Although it might be tempting to toss that little sticker down the drain, you should actually start throwing it out — because over time it could create an obstruction in your pipes (think about how they could stick to the walls of the pipe).

Cooking Grease

Looking for the top contender of drain catastrophes? If that’s the case, then it’s best to never dump cooking grease (or oil) down the drain after cooking. The reason being is this: nine out of ten times, cooking grease is too dense and won’t merge with the water, causing it to clog and rise out of your drain.

Just think about science class when you were a kid, and the teacher put vegetable oil on top of the water. It’s the same concept, except this will harm your plumbing. The simplest solution to the problem? Take an empty can and pour the grease in there, letting it harden. After that, just take it and throw it out in the garbage can!

Food Particles

Thinking about scrapping the leftovers on your plate and dumping it all down the drain? Even with the garbage disposal, this isn’t the greatest of ideas. In fact, it could (surprise) lead to more clogs and even a smelly drain. Of course, the best solution is to toss any food scraps bigger than a green pea into the garbage can. This will help preserve your drain and keep it smelling fresh for the weeks to come!

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