Leaking Pipe

Why Do Plumbing Pipes Burst?

Fact: the plumbing pipes in your home can burst when you least expect it. Granted, it won’t necessarily happen with any new pipes — but if the plumbing in your house has been around for quite some time, then it could happen soon. If you’re not sure why plumbing pipes fail, then here are a few possibilities:

They’ve Aged

Sure, plumbing pipes are typically as sturdy as concrete (in most cases), but there is a high possibility that they could give out. The reason being is this: when a plumbing pipe has been in use for quite some time, there is the change that a bit of corrosion could be forming within. Believe it or not, there are few different possibilities as to why this could happen — but one of the most common is due to the high usage of chemical drain cleaners.

Unlike using a green-based cleaner, chemical cleaners will begin to eat away at the inside of a pipe, causing the base to chip away as if it were nail polish. Over an extended period of time, the chemical drain cleaner will spring a hole in the side of the pipe, which will cause the initial burst and unwanted flooding in your home.

They’re Cold

Another reason why your plumbing pipes could bust is due to a drastic temperature change. Of course, a typical winter in Arizona isn’t as cold as one in New York — but if the temperature begins to drop regularly at night, then it’s possible that your pipes will burst as a result.

Think of your plumbing pipes as a drinking glass placed under the faucet. If you happen to wash the glass under excruciating temperatures, then it will hold up — however, the minute you decide to switch the water to ice cold, then nine out of ten times your glass will shatter within seconds. Of course, your plumbing pipes are much stronger than glass, but they can burst under pressure since they are sensitive.

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