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2 Easy Ways to Clean Your Drain

Think about it: when you’ve finished a hearty helping of dinner, where do you usually toss your table scraps? Ideally, the “leftovers” should be disposed of in your garbage can — but many homeowners are known to toss them down the sink. Sure, this might seem like a harmless act — but it’s actually creating that foul odor you’ve been smelling for weeks. Want to eliminate the stench? Here’s the best way to do it: 

Sink Lemonade

If you’re looking for one of the best solutions to banishing the smell from your drain (if you have a garbage disposal), then a simple mixture will do the trick. Not sure what that entails? Check it out:

  • 1 Cup of Ice Cubes
  • 1 half cup of salt
  • 1 half cup of lemon peels

Once you have these simple ingredients, it’s time to start making some pink lemonade! To start, you’ll want to make sure that your sink is entirely empty of any dishes/cups/silverware since those items will get in the way. After you’ve cleared the basin, you’ll want to take 1 cup of ice and pour it into the drain.

Next, take the half cup of a rugged salt and place that on top of the ice. After that, take some lemon peels and set those on top of the “drain lemonade.” Finally, put some lukewarm water on and start your garbage disposal. This mixture will be the perfect solution to not only help clean your drain, but it will keep it smelling fresh — without damaging the blades or destroying the pipe.

Green Clean

Another great way to rid your sink of a foul odor is to give it the old’ green clean effect. Sure, you might be wondering what we’re referring to — but it’s actually quite simple. When cleaning your home, it’s common that you’ll use a chemical-based cleaner, which is not only harmful to your indoor air quality but is also quite destructive to your plumbing over time.

The best solution (for those that would rather use a 1-step process) is to invest in an environmentally-friendly cleaner. Although it may seem like quite a challenge to discover one of these chemical-free agents in the wild, it’s actually quite simple. If you’re a frequent-flyer shopping online, then it’s as simple as searching it up!

On an important note: before purchasing a natural cleaner, you’ll want to read the ingredients and make sure that it is a green cleaner. Sometimes, companies will dupe shoppers into buying a “green” product — and then it turns out to be chemical-based. If you’re still not sure about the cleaning agent, then it’s always best to conduct some research beforehand!

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