Common Objects Filthier Than Your Toilet

Sometimes, the grass always looks greener on the other side until you have to mow it. Believe it or not, your toilet seat is actually cleaner than some ordinary objects found in your home. Yes, you read that correctly. Although we don’t advise that you start bathing in there, here are some items you might want to consider washing your hands after touching.

Plush Carpeting

One of the filthiest objects in your home happens to be your flooring, specifically carpeting. Think about it this way: when you come home after a long day of work, do you take your shoes off, or do you just start wandering around?

If you happen to do them later, then you’re tracking in the germs from your shoes onto your carpet and storing them there. If you’re convinced that your carpet has seen better days, inside and out, then it’s essential to give your carpeting a thorough cleaning.

Water + Food Bowls

When you feed your pet, do their water and food bowls touch the ground or are they elevated? No matter what altitude they’re at, we have some rather upsetting news: they’re both breeding grounds for bacteria — especially if you neglect to clean them weekly.

Think about it this way: if you happened to dine on the same plate for a few days, then you would be susceptible to harmful bacteria, too. The best solution is to put your pet’s bowls in the dishwasher at least twice a week.

This will not only sanitize them thoroughly, but it will keep your pet out of harm’s way with ease! Just remember: before putting food or water inside of the bowls, make sure they’re completely dried first!

That Pesky Keyboard

Another prime spot where germs linger? That’s right: your computer keyboard. When you happen to use your keyboard at home or work, do you tend to wash your hands before typing? Like most, the answer is a firm no — but maybe you might want to rethink your habit.

Think about it: whatever lingers on your fingertips will stay within your keyboard and will remain there until it’s cleaned. The solution? Use some household cleaning wipes that won’t seep into the keys, but will be strong enough to sanitize the surface. This will be the best bet for a clean, germ-free keyboard!

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