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The Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Know

What’s scarier than visiting a haunted house? Cleaning your bathroom after a long, grueling week at work! You know the drill: the trash can is overflowing, your counter has toothpaste residue caked on, and of course, your shower has seen better days. If you’re looking for a simple, horror-less way to clean the lavatory, then here are some of the best-kept secrets to know:

Broken Glass Hack

We’ve all been there: you’re rushing to head out the door to work — and you happen to knock something fragile off of the bathroom counter. When there’s broken glass, as you know, it goes everywhere. Although the task seems daunting and impossible, it’s actually as simple as sliced bread, literally.

Before panicking, you’ll want to grab a slice of bread (preferably the end piece) and bring it to the bathroom. Of course, you’re not going to eat it — but you’ll be cleaning up the glass with its doughy composition.

To start, take the bread and gently press it down on any broken particles you happen to stumble upon. Once complete, take the bread and toss it out in a garbage can that can’t be easily accessed by animals or children — and then you’ll be good to go!

Toothbrush Holder Wash

Have a toothbrush holder among the “ruins” in your bathroom? If that’s the case, then you’ll want to sanitize it regularly — since this accessory is known to carry an array of germs that are quite harmful. No need to fret, though, because you’ll be able to place it in the dishwasher with ease.

Fact: this is as simple as it sounds. The next time you’re about to wash some dishes in your machine, just place your toothbrush holder (minus the brushes) in the top rack and turn the washer on. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how clean the holder will be once you remove it!

Fixture Shine

Are your faucet handles looking a little dingy lately? Sometimes just cleaning them won’t make them glisten. If you’re searching for the best alternative, then it’s time to put some baby oil to the test!

That’s right: to make your faucet handles glisten, take a small rag with a minimal amount (we can’t stress this enough) of baby oil and run it over the fixture after it’s cleaned. Not only will it gleam and glow, but it will give your bathroom the perfect finishing.

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