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The Negative Effects of Hard Water

Uh, oh: one of the worst sights to see is the negative effects of hard water. Sure, you might not be able to spot the damaging consequences at first — but once you do, it will be quite hard to believe. Not sure what they entail? Let us break it down for you:

Damages Clothing

When washing your laundry in recent weeks, have you noticed a difference in the quality of your apparel? Sure, you might not see the damage from afar — but you’ll be sadly surprised at some wear and tear, in addition to the fading of the fabric, too.

Certainly, it’s not your washing machine that’s causing that “distressed look,” but rather the water quality. It’s true: hard water will break down the thickest of fabrics over time, due to the water’s composition.

Destroys Hair

Trying to grow out your hair to its healthiest potential? If that’s the case, then hard water will completely stop that from happening. Think of hard water as washing your hair with a variety of hard chemicals, with no way to soften the impact once the mixture touches your scalp.

Of course, this can result in (but not limited to) split ends, hair breakage and for those with dyed hair: color fading. Yes, this may sound like an absolute nightmare — but it’s actually quite a frightening reality for most homeowners who don’t take steps to change the hard water in their homes.

Depletes Nails

Oh, no: for those that want to have rich, sturdy nails, we have some bad news for you: hard water will stop that from happening. Sure, there are a variety of vitamins and polishes that will help protect nail enamel — but hard water will rip right through it.

Certainly, if you’re looking to keep your nails healthy, then it’s time to take precaution and fight the battle of hard water once and for all — but how?


If you’re tired of dealing with the consequences of hard water in your home, then the simple solution is to have a water conditioning system installed by Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc.! Not only will the device give you the purest water, but it will make hard water a thing of the past!

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