Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Plumbing?

What’s the latest craze in bathing? Using a bath bomb in your bathtub, of course! If you’re unfamiliar with this product, think of it as a bath salt-infused orb that dissolves in water and begins to fizz the most luxurious bubble bath! Although these might be fun to use, the ingredients inside can cause serious harm to your plumbing — and here’s how:

The Ingredients

Bath Salt

Unlike using a traditional bar of soap or a bottle of shampoo, bath bombs are created using an array of bath salts and oils — which have the potential to create havoc in your tub.

Believe it or not, most bath salts aren’t safe for your bathtub since they might not be able to disintegrate. This will not only create a possible clog, but the salt has the potential to create a build-up — which can deteriorate your drain over time.

Body Oil

Another key ingredient in a bath bomb is body oil. When manufacturers use this essential product in their bath bombs, it will not only leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed — but it also has the enormous potential of clogging your drain, in addition to the bath salt.

Think of body oil like olive or peanut oil. If you discard any of these liquids in your drain, the water will project back up since the two don’t mix (water + oil).

Rose Petals and Glitter

Of course, one of the “selling points” of most bath bombs (besides their ~magical~ appearance in the water) is that they contain rose petals and glitter.

Sure, these ingredients add to the fun — but they have the potential also to clog your drain, too — especially glitter. Since most glitters are made from non-biodegradable plastics, they can build up (just like bath salt) in your drain and cause harm.

The Solution

Take Precaution

One of the best ways to eliminate any plumbing problems is to place the bath bomb in a mesh bag. Sure, this might take away from the “social media factor” when you take a video of dropping the bath bomb in — but it will preserve your plumbing.

The reason being is this: when the bath bomb dissolves, the bag will filter the product and will capture any drain obstructions from reaching the drain. This is the perfect solution for those who can’t live without their bath bombs!

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