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How to Clean Your Bathroom in Under 10 Minutes

Picture this: you’ve invited some guests over for dinner, and they aren’t supposed to arrive until 7 pm. Still having to clean your bathroom, you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner — and suddenly they call to say that they’ll be arriving at 6 pm, instead.  Panicked, you rush to your bathroom and don’t know where to start. Take a deep breath and read these tips:

Clean Bathcroom

Clean the Counter

Before you begin to scrub any surfaces, it’s essential to clean your countertop and pick up any loose ends. You know exactly what we mean: hair brushes, toothpaste tubes, cosmetics — virtually anything that was left there before you headed out the door to work. Once you acquire these essentials, place them either in your medicine cabinet or any storage you may have, so that they will be out of your guests’ sight.

Empty the Garbage

Another essential step in cleaning your bathroom is to take out the garbage. Sure, you might have some small pieces of debris lingering at the bottom of the can — but you’ll want to make sure that it’s empty before your guests arrive. Not only will this keep your garbage can smelling fresh — but it’s the first place, believe it or not, that guests look at to see if your bathroom is clean.

Spray the Toilet

After you’ve taken out the garbage, it’s time to clean your toilet! Of course, you don’t have to clean it excessively — but it’s highly essential to have it spotless since it’s the main reason why your guests will be entering the bathroom! To start, you’ll want to take spray cleaner and wipe down the outside of the bowl, followed by making your way inside the bowl. From there, take a toilet brush cleaner and get to scrubbing. Once this is complete, you’ll be good to go!

Wipe the Sink

Finally, you’ll want to clean your sink. To start, take some bathroom cleaner, plus a cleaning cloth, and wipe down the faucet and handles. After that step is complete, it’s time to move onto the sink basin. Just repeat the same step (using the cleaner and cloth), and then you’ll be good to go. Additionally, make sure that the soap dispenser is filled and that all hand towels are clean!

Once these steps are complete, your bathroom will be spotless and ready to welcome your company — no matter what time they may arrive!

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