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What Not to Do Before You Sell Your Home

Thinking of relocating? Sure, we’ve all been there — but now might be the perfect time to sell your home and make that dream a reality! Of course, if you’re going to take the plunge, then you’ll know that selling a home is quite a process — but it’s worth it. If you’re getting ready to sell your home or are currently in the selling phase, then here are some tips to note:

Don’t Renovate your Bathroom

Believe it or not, one of the biggest pre-selling tips is to keep your bathroom the same. Whether your bathroom needs some cosmetic work or a massive renovation, it’s essential to save your time (and money). The reason being is this: many potential buyers want to renovate a bathroom to their standards — and their view of “beautiful” may be vastly different from yours.

Another reason why you should skip the renovation is that you’re selling this house — and it won’t be yours in a few months. Why put in work and money into something that you won’t be able to enjoy? Of course, you want to make sure any significant issues in your bathroom (i.e., replace old toilets) are taken care of — but that’s it; keep the space clean!

Keep your Furniture

Under the impression that you’ll need to refurnish your home before an open house? You might want to rethink that idea. Sure, you’ll want your house to look like a magazine — but that doesn’t mean you should go into debt doing so. Just like the “bathroom theory,” you wouldn’t want to put more money into a home that you’ll be moving out of soon.

Additionally, if you purchase new furniture for your old home, then you’ll be tasked with moving it to your new one — and it either might not fit the new space or be the look you’re going for. If you do feel inclined to have new furniture in your home, during the open house, then you can indeed have a staging company come in and stage your home with rental furniture!

Leave the Paint

Finally, one of the most important tips is to resist the urge to repaint your home. Believe it or not, many sellers will feel inclined to repaint their entire home in neutral tones — especially if they’re having a tough time selling their house. Unless the paint is chipping in a room, keep your original paint colors — since your potential buyers will end up re-painting it!

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