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Here’s Why You Should Dust Your Home More Often

When it comes to taking care of your home, one of the most important tasks that any homeowner should carry out is dusting their living space. Granted, it might seem fine to let a little dust build up over time, but the presence of dust, in general, is hindering your indoor air quality, among other things. If you’re still not sure why you should pick up that microfiber cleaning cloth more often, here are a few things to consider

Hinders Breathing

If you have asthma, then we have something to tell you: dust will make it much harder to breathe. Even if it’s a tiny, little amount building up on a dresser, it’s important to make sure that every trace of dust is completely wiped out. If you’re looking to banish dust, it’s important to open the windows while cleaning, use a microfiber cloth, and, if you need to use a cleaner, opt for one that’s green (and doesn’t contain a series of harmful chemicals).

Irritates Eyes

How often do you feel that you have to rely on eye drops in a single day? Well, your eyes might be irritated and dry from dust. Believe it or not, dust particles have the power to cause eye discomfort, almost in the same realm as a dry contact lens needing more solution. The best way to combat this, in addition to dusting your home, is if you happen to notice that some areas are collecting more heaps of “dust bunnies” than normal. To limit the dust, start decluttering your home — especially if you have a table or shelf that has quite a few nicknacks from your travels.

How Else Can I Improve my Indoor Air Quality?

Look no further than the expert air quality solutions that we offer homeowners! To learn more about our air quality solutions and schedule an appointment with us today to explore your options and get a professional estimate!