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Is Hard Water Present in Your Home? Look for These Signs!

Let’s cut to the chase: do you know if you have hard water in your home? For most homeowners, they might be completely unaware that this inconvenient water happens to be lurking in their pipes. Whether you’re washing your hands or a pile of laundry, hard water can make a negative impact over time. Not sure if your home has hard water? Here are a few signs to look for:

Dry Skin

On average, how dry is your skin? While, sometimes, it could be due to a pre-existing medical condition or genetics, hard water can also take quite a toll on your skin. From your face to your hands, if you notice that your skin happens to be itchy and flakey, and that’s never happened to you before, then there’s a good chance that hard water is lingering throughout your home. Of course, if you happen to ignore these signs, then you could wind up with irritated skin for quite some time when exposed to that water.

Damaged Hair

Another common sign of hard water is having damaged hair. Unlike having silky tresses as you leave the salon, hard water will bring down the overall quality of your hair, stripping down the essentials in a short amount of time. If you already happen to deal with hair that seems dull and lifeless, then we have some terrible news: hard water will continue to contribute to that (no matter how expensive your shampoo maybe).

Pesky Residue

On average, how often do you clean your bathroom? If you happen to see a random, strange residue that builds up on fixtures, then you’ll find yourself with (you guessed it) hard water being present in your home. Although it may seem impossible to “slay the dragon” and get rid of it once and for all, there is a solution: water purification & treatment.

Looking to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality?

Look no further than the expert water purification and treatment solutions that we offer homeowners! To learn more about our water solutions and schedule an appointment with us today to explore your options and get a professional estimate!