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Poor Indoor Air Quality? Here’s How We Can Help.

Your home’s indoor air quality means everything. Aside from making your home smell fresh and clean, the air quality also protects you and your family from airborne illnesses and health problems.

At Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc., we’ve spent over 40 years helping homeowners purify their living spaces, improve their air quality, and prioritize their wellbeing. Your indoor air quality isn’t automatically cleaner than the outdoors; in fact, the Environmental Protection Agency states that indoor home pollution can be two-to-five times worse than outdoors.

Here are a few of the ways we can help customers, just like you, improve their home’s indoor air quality:

Air Filter Replacement

When is the last time you had A/C maintenance? Air filters are produced on a scale (MERV rating) of one to 15, and most homes have a filter that’s around a seven. These filters quickly become dirty and stop working, much sooner than you think. Therefore, they should be replaced approximately every 90 days.

We can replace your home’s air filter, as well as recommend some improved models, that are more effective and last quite a long time.

Whole House Air Cleaners

Gasses, toxins and harmful contaminants can seep into your home and leave it with a stale odor no matter how frequently you clean. Our technicians can do a full home evaluation and test your air quality as well as offer the best solution for your home, budget, and level of pollution.

With our wide range of services, we can help you thoroughly decontaminate and purify your home’s air to remove all harmful bacteria, mold spores, and toxins as well as any offensive odors.

Air Scrubbers

The best way to keep your home’s air top quality year-round is to install an air scrubber system. This device is easy to install and merges seamlessly with your pre-existing air conditioning system. Home air scrubbers regularly work to cleanse, sterilize and deodorize your home, so you’ll always breathe the freshest air possible.

Explore Your Options With Us Today

With over four decades in the business, we can safely say that every home should have an air-purifying solution installed. To learn more about air purification options and to schedule an air quality test in your home, contact us today!