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Is It Safe to Leave Your A/C on During a Thunderstorm?

Just like getting your name picked out of a hat, you never know what the chances might be of a thunderstorm rolling into your neighborhood. And if that thunderstorm happens to occur on the hottest day of the year, then you might be faced with the fear of having an overly warm house. While your air conditioner will be able to save you from the heat, you might want tothink twice about using it when the skies are rumbling — here’s why:

Severe Damage Could Occur

Growing up, do you remember learning in school that when a metal object is out in the open, during a thunderstorm, lighting could strike it? Now, when a thunderstorm rolls into town, it’s possible that your home’s electrical service drop (the part that distributes power to your home) could get “zapped” during the storm.

And if you have a central A/C, there’s a strong chance that your unit is connected (and powered) by this essential piece. If that lightning strike occurs, there could be a power surge — something that no homeowner ever wants to endure.

When in Doubt, Keep It Off

As humid as it may be before a thunderstorm rolls in, it’s best to keep your A/C off altogether. If you’re afraid that your home might get uncomfortable during the storm, there are a few tips to help keep you cool; the first way is to keep your fans on. Whether it’s a ceiling fan or a standalone rotating fan, these will move the air around, helping to prevent a stuffy room due to the humidity.

Another great way to stay cool is to put a cold compress on yourpulse points. These points include the back of your neck, back of your knees, and your wrists, to name a few. Once the storm is completely over, and another is not set to come in afterward, you can then resort back to using your air conditioner.

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