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Why Should You Keep Your Toothbrush Away From Your Toilet

Ah, the toothbrush! Known to be a staple in many homes across the globe, this tool helps clean your teeth and keeps them in tip-top shape! However, a commonplace to store your toothbrush is in the bathroom, typically on the counter. Sure, this is considered standard protocol, but you might want to think twice about leaving it there. Not sure why? Let’s dive into it:

Toothbrushes Already Contain Bacteria

Believe it or not, the packaging for toothbrushes at the store is not the most sterile option. For example, you know when you go to the dentist, and they take their dental tools out of sterile, vacuum-sealed packages? Well, when it comes to the cardboard that your current dental utensil came in, it’s not the best at protecting against germs (and imagine how many people had picked up that box before you did).

Flushing a Toilet Makes it Worse

When you flush the toilet, do you tend to keep the lid open or do you shut it before pushing the handle? If you’re like most households and leave the toilet seat cover open, then there’s a chance that germs and bacteria from waste can find their way onto your toothbrush — something you won’t even be able to see it happening. If you’re squirming at the thought of this happening, then it’s best to store your toothbrush elsewhere.

The Best Spot for a Toothbrush

If you’re still feeling a tad unsettled from the previous paragraph, then it’s time to find a new home for your toothbrush. One of the best spots to put it is in a nice, ventilated spot in your bathroom that’s at least three feet away from both your toilet and sink (think about when you’re washing your hands, and water droplets sometimes go airborne when rinsing).

Of course, you don’t want to put your toothbrush in a cabinet because it’s a spot that doesn’t have much air, nor light, and could cause more bacteria to form on the brush. Another way to make sure your toothbrush is in good graces is to replace it regularly; about every few months. 

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