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How to Keep a Home Comfortable During the Holidays

When you host holiday parties, friends and family gathered together can cause your cozy house to become incredibly stuffy. And since you may not feel inclined to turn the air conditioner on all the way (as if it were summer), you might feel slightly uncomfortable rocking your favorite holiday sweater.

To help keep your holiday celebration comfortable for all who enter your door, consider these helpful tips!

Holiday Comfort 101

Turn Down the Heat

Here in Arizona, we’re lucky that we don’t have to endure arctic temperatures — but there are some days and nights where we have to turn the heater on. If the morning of your celebration seems to be a little frigid, many homeowners might feel inclined to crank up the heat for their company — but should actually do the complete opposite.

Think about it like this: more people means more body heat, and if you have guests gathered in a single space, the temperature could quickly skyrocket and feel unbearable. If you feel as if you’ll need your heater, turn it on, but lower the temperature by a degree for every two-to-three people that arrive.

Invest in a Good Fan

Fans are a fantastic way to circulate air throughout your home without turning on the AC. You’d only need one or two in a house with the doors open to create a good flow. And if you have a ceiling fan, turn it on in a counter-clockwise motion to help keep a room as comfortable as can be!

Stay Hydrated

This goes without saying, but it’s imperative to keep yourself and your guests hydrated throughout your soirée. To make sure that this is accomplished, it would be best to put pitchers of water on the table. That way, your guests won’t feel as if they have to bother you for a glass of H2O — it will be present for anyone to take at their leisure.

We’re Here to Help With Any HVAC Troubles you Run Into this Season!

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