Last-Minute DIY Holiday Gifts Made From PVC

Friends, the holidays are fast approaching. Have you gotten all your gift shopping done? The good news is that whether you’re on a tight budget or want to make something from the heart, there are plenty of great DIY holiday gifts you can make right at home using some simple tools, a hot glue gun, and some PVC.

DIY Gifts Made From PVC

Bowling Set for Kids

So many toys are bought only to be broken in a matter of days. This fun project will help you make DIY bowling set for kids using 2-inch PVC pipes cut into 12-inch sections. To add stripes, you can use strips of red tape or, if you’re feeling fancy, a few flourishes of non-toxic red paint.

Snowman Ornament

A hand-crafted ornament is a heartfelt gift that someone can cherish for years. These PVC snowmen are made by cutting a pipe into several sections, gluing them together, and adorning them with some festive ribbons.

A single PVC pipe could easily make several ornaments, and you could go a step further and spray paint the pipes a metallic silver or glamorous gold.

PVC Lights

Create some atmospheric lighting by crafting your own lanterns from PVC. This tutorial by Hometalk walks you through the process of designing a beautiful set of PVC lights that feature simple, elegant designs and work just as well inside as they do outdoors.

This is a highly customizable gift, which you can easily craft to your recipient’s liking. Whether it’s their favorite color or adorning the luminaries with subtle, glimmering rhinestones, these lights are both a festive and functional present.

Fresh Winter Bouquet in PVC Vases

You can arrange a lovely winter bouquet with some flowers from your local florist or supermarket and present them to your loved one in a beautiful PVC vase that they can reuse over and over again. All you’ll need to make the vase is a handheld or miter box saw, some PVC pipes, and gold spray paint (or any other paint of your choosing!). Get the full directions here!

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