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Don’t Flush These Items Down the Toilet…

When it comes to a toilet, it’s up to you to make the right decision of what you should flush and should not flush. Ideally, anything that makes you ponder should be tossed out in a nearby garbage can — but many homeowners would rather just flush the unimaginable down their toilet, which leads to a pretty severe clog. If you’re trying to avoid an overflow in your home, then steer clear of flushing these objects down your toilet:

Toilet Bowl Water Flushing Close up

Paper Towels

Yes, you read that correctly. Whether it’s a small or large sheet, never flush this domestic staple down the toilet — no matter how strong the initial flush may seem. Unlike toilet paper, any material that’s tightly woven together will not only get jammed immediately but can even cause flooding — which will cause irreversible water damage.

Cooking Oil

The last time you cooked anything that involved any type of oil, how did you dispose of the thick liquid once the meal was finished? If your method involved anything but the garbage can, then we have some bad news: you could have clogged your toilet pretty severely. Think about your days in science class: water and oil don’t mix, propelling against each other — and the same thing happens if you pour oil down the toilet, too.

Grooming Products

Oh, it happens more often than you think. Whether it’s a broken pan of blush or a mass of hair gel, you’ll never want to flush these items down the toilet (or toss down a sink drain), since they will get lodged in the pipe — and the rest is history. Just always keep in mind that if you have to question whether or not you can flush an item down the toilet, it’s best to just dispose of it in a trash can.

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