Here’s Why Hot Showers Are Bad for Your Bathroom

When you tend to take a shower, how high do you usually bump up the temperature? For most homeowners, they’ll make it moderately warm — but of course, there are some that like to turn their water temperature up to the highest peak. While hot water may feel as if it will give you the ultimate clean, it will actually start to diminish your bathroom — but how so?

Showerhead dripping water

Create Mold

One of the biggest nuisances any homeowner dreads is the formation of mold. Typically, a bathroom gets damp after showering, due to any steam that arises from your shower. And since many bathrooms don’t have proper ventilation, that’s where the problem starts to emerge. Of course, to lessen the chances of this happening, you’ll want not only to keep your shower temperatures in a reasonable span, but opening up a window (on a crack) during and after a shower will keep it at bay.

Destroy Wallpaper

You might be saying to yourself about now “Who still has wallpaper in their bathroom?” — but you’d be pleasantly surprised at how this trend is making a huge comeback! When it comes to having this decorative element in your lavatory, it’s essential to keep your showers at a reasonable temperature — and the reason being is that the excessive heat (steam forms), will begin to peel the wallpaper. This will undoubtedly be quite aggravating, especially when you have to keep finding new ways to keep the paper attached.

It’s not Only your Bathroom

Another thing you’ll have to watch out for when it comes to hot showers is how the hot water can harm your skin. Just how the face wash commercials urge users to use lukewarm water to wash their skin, you’ll want to take this into consideration when taking a shower. If you happen to use excessively hot water regularly, you’ll begin to develop dry, flaky skin — which is never fun to have. Instead, opt for that lukewarm water and shorter showers, since this will be the best way to protect your skin from harm.

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