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Ways to Add a Splash of Color in Your Bathroom

The rumors are true: adding a splash of color to a bathroom will genuinely make a difference — no matter how big or small it may be! Especially if you’ve been longing to change up the appearance of your bathroom, but don’t necessarily have the budget to do a full renovation, these color-changing tips will help! So, sit back, relax, and feast your eyes on these timeless decorating tips!

Buy New Towels

This goes without saying, but purchasing new towels will make a world of difference in your bathroom! For example, if your current bathroom has solid red towels, change things up, and get solid blue towels — the color is entirely up to your preference! While towels with a pattern are another option to invest in, specific patterns (sometimes) can’t tie together a room. Therefore, stick with solid colors and you’ll be good to go!

Get a Matching Area Rug

All homeowners know the struggle well: sometimes a bathroom floor can get slippery — which is quite dangerous. Thankfully, to prevent an accident from happening, there are area rugs that can fit in any sized bathroom. To help tie together your bathroom’s new splash of color, invest in a rug that matches (or closely matches) the fresh towels you picked out. Within seconds of laying the statement piece down, you’ll notice a difference!

Hang Up Wall Art

Another great way to tie your bathroom’s new look together is to invest in some wall art. Now, the art doesn’t have to be a solid color, but rather something that will carefully compliment the new splash of color that you’ve chosen. Whether it’s one large piece or a few smaller pieces, find some “real estate” on the walls, hang them up, and take in the beauty of your bathroom’s new look! 

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