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Here’s When You’ll Need an Air Conditioner Repair

What’s that strange noise that’s coming from your air conditioner? While some homeowners might think it’s normal and will completely ignore it, it’s actually something much more serious — but what could that be? When it comes to having your air conditioner repaired, it may seem like a challenge to be able to spot the clear signs of it needing to be fixed. Here are some things to look out for:

Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

Uneven Cooling

Do you feel as if your air conditioner isn’t getting certain rooms in your home cool enough? Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat with hopes of getting that chill just right? If this sounds very common, then it’s possible that there might be a blockage in your air ducts or a leak in your compressor. Either way, your unit will need to be repaired.

Unlike being able to scope out the problem on your own, a professional will be able to inspect these essential areas with ease. Additionally, they’ll have a better idea of what the culprit could be and how to correct the problem at hand.

Startling Sounds

No, they won’t be as loud as a lightning storm, but these sounds will be clear to your ears when your unit is in use. Typically, some air conditioners will have a slight, slight humming sound when generating cool air — and that’s pretty normal to hear. Of course, the minute you hear loud banging and clunking, you’ll want to opt for a professional’s assistance to repair it.

These sounds often mean that there is a part in your unit that is either failing to perform up to par or just need to be replaced. Another common reason that people hear these sounds is that a piece (internally) might be broken and in the way of your central air conditioner’s fan — which is a recipe for disaster.

Does Your AC Need a Helping Hand?

While these are only a few of the many signs a central air conditioner could display, opting for regular maintenance and tune-ups will not only help keep it afloat, but it will also help keep you in the loop about the status of your AC’s health moving forward.

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