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Kitchen Maintenance Tips to Know

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One of the most popular rooms in your home (besides the bathroom) is the kitchen. Whether you’re preparing dinner or looking for a snack, there’s always a reason to go into the kitchen at all hours of the day. Now, if you’re looking to have the most efficient room and avoid any potential problems in the future, here are some ways to help maintain a happy and “healthy” kitchen!

Check for Leaks

It may seem like a rare sighting, but spotting a leak in your kitchen sink is more common than you think. Whether it’s coming from the actual faucet or the pipe underneath the sink, a leak of any kind is never good to have around. If a leak goes unrepaired (or scarily, unnoticed) for quite some time, it can not only increase your water bills (hello, wasted water), but it can even cause a water-ridden disaster down the road.

To eliminate any problems, make sure that you’re inspecting your sink much more frequently, perhaps on a weekly basis. That way, if you happen to spot anything out of the ordinary, you’ll be able to call in a plumber right away to fix the problem at hand!

Be Mindful of Your Garbage Disposal

When was the last time you used your garbage disposal? What did you toss down it? If you’re being mindful of your disposal, then you know that not only should the water be running when it’s on, but certain items are not meant to be tossed down (i.e. chicken bones). If you feel that your disposal might need some TLC, then now is the time to give it some!

Before touching it, make sure that the disposal is off — but if you have to go inside of the disposal, take an extra step and unplug it altogether. From there, make sure that the rubber edges are in good shape and if not, replace them. If there’s something lodged inside, don’t hesitate to contact your plumber to fish through it and remove whatever may be causing the problem.

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