Water Draining

Signs Your Home Needs a Drain Cleaning

When was the last time that the drains in your home received a thorough cleaning? For some homeowners, that could have been about a month ago, for the rest, they might not be able to answer that question — and that’s okay! If you don’t think that your drains will need cleaning, here are some signs that might prove that theory differently.

Water Slowly Drains

No matter what, the water around your home should never drain too slowly. If you think you’ve witnessed this happening, then chances are you’re in need of a drain cleaning. For example, when a plumbing fixture is shut off, water will seep through the drain slower than the speed of a turtle. This is most likely a clear indication that something is obstructing the drain — such as hair and toothpaste residue, for example.

Foul Odor Rising

Gee, what is that horrible smell coming from the drain? The chances are that something is lingering on the pipes, holding onto every single particle of anything that ever went down it. That being said, if you’ve ignored cleaning your drain correctly for the past few months (or even years), then it’s possible that things aren’t fully making their way down the drain — which their lingering can cause that foul smell.

Water Doesn’t Drain at All

The most common sign of a drain that needs to be cleared is that water will stay intact and won’t drain. Of course, if this is ignored for quite some time, then it’s possible that your drain will need to be cleared right away, which will help eliminate the problem. After all, when you take a shower, the water that falls from the showerhead shouldn’t pool around your feet — the water should drain freely!

Do You Need to Have a Drain Cleaned in Your Home?

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