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The Importance of Cleaning Your Clothes Dryer

When was the last time you inspected every square inch of your dryer and made sure it was clean? For those that do their laundry quite frequently, that could have been a few days ago — but there is a slight chance that the task was overlooked. In fact, cleaning your dryer should be an item of importance on your to-do list, and here’s why:

Prevent Fires

Dryer lint isn’t as harmless as you think. When it builds up inside of your dryer for long periods of time, it can catch fire (easily) if ignored. Dryer lint can be thought of in the same regard as having a piece of paper right next to an open flame. To prevent a potential fire from occurring, you’ll want to clear out your appliance’s “collection” of dryer lint much more often. Even if there’s only a small amount lingering inside, the less lint present, the less of a chance you’ll have a dryer fire occurring.

Decrease Drying Time

Just like a dirty air filter in your HVAC unit, having a clogged dryer lint filter will also work against you. One of the biggest “downers” of a lint-clogged dryer is that it will slow down the drying time, making you turn the machine on for much longer than it actually needs to be on. Additionally, there’s even a chance that your dryer won’t fully dry your clothing — which is never something a homeowner wants to experience. To lessen the drying time and a potential hazard, clean that filter often!

Increase Lifespan

Another thought that typically goes under the radar is the lifespan of your appliance. Just like a carton of milk, there’s generally a label on your unit that says when it was made, giving you an idea of when it may need to be replaced. On average, a dryer lasts anywhere from eight to eleven years, which could be cut in half if you fail to take care of your appliance — especially if there’s dust backed up.

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