Avoid Storing These Items in Your Bathroom

Let’s cut to the chase: there are certain items that should never be stored in your bathroom, no matter how convenient placing them there might be. Whether you’re looking to reorganize the most-used room in your home or are looking for an item lost in your medicine cabinet, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

Bathroom Counter, Mirror, and Tub


Of course, you wouldn’t store your electric razor in the bathroom sink, and therefore, you shouldn’t keep this gadget in your bathroom altogether. The reason being is that many of these electric trimmers use batteries — when you take a shower and steam begins to form in your bathroom, the heat and humidity will find their way into the battery pack and could cause turmoil. The best solution is to keep your electric razor and other electronics out of the bathroom and in a nearby hallway closet/cabinet.


Whether this is doctor prescribed medication or an over-the-counter allergy pill, any type of medication should be stored outside of your lavatory. In a similar light with damaged non-waterproof electronics, many medications are meant to be kept in rooms that are temperature controlled or that don’t have a frequent change in temperature (i.e., hot showers that form steam). Not only will heat/steam ruin the medication, but it even has the power to melt some pills.

Metal Cans

No, we’re not talking about soup cans, but metal cans that most cosmetic and grooming products are packaged in. From hairspray to shaving cream, when the heat begins to rise in your bathroom, these products will begin to perspire, causing them to rust at the bottom — which is never fun to clean (or toss away a brand-new product). Just like electronics, you’ll want to keep them tucked away in your pantry or closet. Not only will this create more room in your bathroom, but it will also help keep your medicine cabinets or clean and organized!

Need Some More Tips?

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