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Do Rotating Fans Really Keep You Cool?

When it comes to keeping cool in the summer, a central air conditioner will make a difference. However, when some homeowners are looking to add another cooling element to their room, they might opt for a rotating fan.

While fans have been around for quite some time and provide some relief, there’s a chance that they’re not actually keeping you cool. If you’re not sure how this is possible, here are some things to consider.

Moves Air Around

Unlike a central air conditioner, a rotating fan will only cool down whatever might be in its direction — not an entire room. Even when the fan moves from side-to-side, over-and-over again, it’s ultimately just pushing air around.

No Compressor or Condenser

The reason why a central air conditioner keeps you cool, on the hottest of days, is because the machine has a compressor, which is the metal box that resides outside of your home. Inside of that compressor is important parts and pieces that help get your unit up and running.

Unlike a rotating fan, there’s a condenser coil within the compressor. Once this coil comes in contact with Freon (cold, emitting gas), it will take any hot air and create the cold air that’s desired. Unfortunately, a rotating fan doesn’t have this same capability and just uses the air that surrounds it.

The Final Verdict

As we mentioned earlier, a fan might give you that cooling feeling, but once it’s turned off, the heat will come back. Since Freon helps turn hot air cool in an air conditioner, a fan just cools on the spot and not an entire room; recycles the hot air present. If you’re looking to effectively use a fan, then it would be best to crack open a window during a cool breeze and let the fan run nearby. However, if you’re looking to keep cool all summer long, then a central air conditioner will do the trick.

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