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Here’s Why You Should Change Your Sheets Soon

If you can recall, when was the last time you changed your bedsheets? For some homeowners, it can feel like centuries ago (exaggeration, of course), and for the rest, they could have swapped them out the other day. No matter when you’ve changed your bedsheets, the summer heat is on the way, and it’s essential to replace them sooner than later. Not sure what the correlation is between the two? Here are some things to consider.

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That heavy, cozy fabric that kept you warm and toasty on a winter’s night will make your bed feel rather unbearable during the summer. When you’re looking to get an incredible night’s rest, it starts with your bedding. Thick, woven sheets should be removed and replaced with bedding made of some of the following materials:

  • Egyptian cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Microfiber

While these are just some of the many cooling sheets that one can purchase, you’ll feel much more at ease when you exchange for some lighter bedding.


On average, how often do you tend to wash your bedsheets? If the answer is anywhere over a month, then we have some news to share: you might want to start cleaning them more frequently. Think about it like this: in the summer, sometimes you’re prone to sweat much more than you think — even if you have the air conditioner on.

That sweat will then absorb into your sheets, with dead skin cells, creating a breeding ground for dust mites (which are invisible to the human eye). The best solution to eliminate this from happening, and to keep your bed sheets cool and clean, is to wash them about every two weeks. Also, before you’re tempted to make your bed, it’s recommended to leave the sheets down and let them air out. This will help not only keep them fresh but also help cut back on dinginess.

Followed These Steps but Still, Have a Hot Home?

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