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Ways to Stay Cool Without Your AC

Sometimes, it can seem nearly impossible to stay cool without an air conditioner. Whether it’s those random bursts of heat in the spring or the middle of the summer, a central AC seems to be the only way to beat the heat. However, if you’re looking to rely on this cooling staple-less, all in an effort to save money on your energy bills, then we have some good news: it’s possible. Not sure how to make this happen? Let us explain.

Make Food Spicy

Believe it or not, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book and works wonders! When you ingest any spicy food, not only does it create a burning sensation in your mouth, but that burning sensation helps your body produce sweat, cooling you down in the process. While it may seem strange and unusual, it’s beneficial and can make a vast difference when temperatures are unbearable!

Keep the Shades Down

When the sunniest of days arrive, do you tend to keep your blinds/shades open or shut? Well, if you’re a fan of the latter, then you’re doing yourself a favor! Since windows let copious amounts of sunshine in, they also bring in excessive amounts of heat, too. When you choose to keep the shades/blinds closed (or halfway open) on a hot, sunny day, you’re not only blocking the sun out, but you’re keeping your home cool in the process!

Arctic Foot Bath

Looking to relax, unwind, and stay cool in the process? Well, friends, that’s all possible thanks to an ice foot bath! Typically, foot baths are warm and may have soap or essential oils accompanying them.

However, a hot foot bath will only increase your body temperature. If you’re looking to beat the heat, then opting for cold water will help stabilize your body temperature and make you feel cool within minutes. Plus, a cold foot bath will also soothe your feet after a long, tiring day!

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