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Different Uses for Baking Soda: Part 2

Let’s cut to the chase: Did you know that baking soda is considered a multipurpose product? That’s right — as we have mentioned before, not only is it a great baking tool, but you can also find a variety of purposes for it around your home; saving you time and money, especially when you’re in a pinch.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your baking soda, here are some helpful tips you can take into consideration!

What Else Can I Use Baking Soda For?

Baking Soda

Fabric Softener

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to store-bought fabric softener, then baking soda is the answer! Unlike those bountiful softeners advertised on your television, this culinary ingredient has “superpowers” that will help soften your clothing without the extra additives — something to consider for those with sensitive skin.

To reap the benefits of using baking soda, put about ½ cup into your washing machine, in addition to detergent, before the cycle starts. Once complete, you’ll be left with soft, clean laundry!

Deodorize Your Trashcan

Let’s face it: There’s nothing worse than a smelly, stinky garbage can — especially when it’s inside your kitchen. And if you’re like most homeowners, there’s a chance you’re always on the go and can’t take the trash out as often as you’d like. However, there’s a solution to the problem at hand: Pour some baking soda in the can to help deodorize it.

Before tossing an entire box into your trash can, gently sprinkle some of the minerals into the bottom of the can. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, then you can sprinkle some inside of the new, empty bag. Ultimately, this will help keep your garbage’s odor under control and will eliminate the need for a spray air freshener (which isn’t a wise choice for your indoor air quality).

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