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How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Look Larger?

When square footage is limited, and you want the look and functionality of a larger bathroom, incorporating some of these decorating tips will give your space a more prominent feel:

Helpful Tips to Know

Organized Clean Bathroom

Keep it Light

A simple way to achieve a more spacious look and feel is by incorporating lots and lots of white into the design — white paint, white countertops, white tiles, and so forth. White naturally reflects light rather than absorbing it, making a room appear larger. 

Use A Floating Vanity

In tight spaces, finding the balance between storage and functionality is tricky. By introducing a floating vanity, depending on the style you choose, you free up some space underneath, which gives you a tad more wiggle room.

Reflect The Space With A Large Mirror

A large mirror can make a bathroom feel almost twice its size by giving the illusion of depth. Splurging on a large mirror with a decorative frame can also eliminate the need for additional wall decor. This is especially effective in small powder rooms that do not have much wall space to be covered.


An organized bathroom always appears more spacious than one with clutter. Because space is already scarce, eliminating unnecessary trinkets and decor can help your space feel a little less crowded. 

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