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Secrets to Maintaining a Pest-Free Home

Yuck! What is that and how did it get in here?! This is what most people shout when they find pests lingering in their homes. And just like a typical pest, these little guys are never welcomed with open arms — they usually find a way to sneak into your home unannounced. 

If you’re looking to kick these “uninvited guests” to the curb, here are some ways to help get rid of them:

Regularly Clean Your Bathroom

Sometimes, it’s rather simple to put off cleaning the restroom for a few days. And while you might be at ease knowing that you don’t have to scrub the toilet or wipe the counter down, you could be setting up a welcome mat for pests to come inside. Certain situations (such as having traces of water on the vanity counter) have the possibility of contributing to the “welcoming committee,” since there are various bugs that gravitate towards still water — in addition to damp, dark areas (i.e., under the counter).

Don’t Forget to Clean the Drain

Another place that bugs and other pests like to linger in is gloomy and moist drains. Whether it’s your sink or shower, a drain that hasn’t been cleaned in quite some time can become an apartment complex for drain bugs. However, the solution to this problem is rather simple: think about getting a noncorrosive bacterial gel that will help get rid of the little pests. When you pour this mixture in your drains, it will cling to the sides of the pipe — without destroying or breaking them down. This will be the best way to prevent drain bugs from coming back!

Take the Garbage Out

It’s safe to say that every homeowner is guilty of this: instead of taking out the garbage, you’ll push down on the heap until you can squeeze more debris in there. Sure, this is a quick and convenient fix, but it also encourages pests to buzz in and linger around your trash. The simple solution here is to be on top of this task and take out the garbage regularly, even if you think you can squeeze a few more milk cartons in there.

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