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Simple Cleaning Hacks for Any Home

Ah, cleaning — one of the most dreadful tasks for any homeowner (and for a good reason). While the chores of wiping down your countertops or scrubbing down your shower may seem mundane, they’re essential to doing regularly. And if you’re usually tasked with cleaning the “old fashioned way” (i.e., rags and store-bought cleaning supplies), then it might make matters a bit more uninteresting.

However, if you’re looking to change up the way you clean your home, while having some fun in the process, here are some simple cleaning hacks you can use!

Cleaning Tips to Use

Microwave Your Sponge

One of the most popular tools to use around your home is a sponge. While this object can pick up dirt and debris with ease, it can also be infested with lingering bacteria — something we never really want to think about. To help keep your sponge clean, you can use the good ol’ microwave trick! 

To start, take your sponge and give it a light sprinkling of water. Next, place it in the center of your microwave and turn it on for about 90 seconds. After that’s complete, any possible traces of bacteria on your sponge shall have diminished!

Refrigerate Lemons

Just remember this, friends: When life gives you lemons, clean your house with them! And one of the best ways to use this popular member of the citrus family is to cut it up, squeeze some of the juice into a bowl, and let that bowl sit in your refrigerator! For about a week (until the lemon juice needs to be thrown out), this will help cut back on lingering odors in the most-used appliance in your home!

Dust Baking Soda on Your Mattress

When you clean your bedding, do you happen to clean your mattress, too? No, this isn’t some new-fangled trend, but actually, a task that is extremely beneficial for your well-being. To help keep it fresh and allergen-free, you should vacuum your mattress — not forgetting to add a light sprinkling of baking soda, too. 

For this trick, you’ll want to take a handheld vacuum, or add the hose attachment on your floor model, and vacuum it from top to bottom. Once complete, take some baking soda and lightly sprinkle it on top of your mattress, letting the thin layer of powder sit there and absorb any orders. 

Within an hour or two, use your vacuum again to clean it all up, and then you should be left with a clean, fresh-smelling mattress! 

Give Your Showerhead a Bath

During your last shower, did you notice that your showerhead attachment seemed to be dingy? If so, it might need to take a bath — a bath in vinegar, if you will! Being a relatively simple cleaning hack, take a resealable plastic bag and fill it with white vinegar. 

Once that is complete, attach it to your showerhead (rubber bands can help) and let it soak. For thorough cleaning, it’s recommended that you give your shower fixture a bath while you sleep. Finally, once you awake, take the “vinegar tub” off and reap the benefits of a clean shower head!

Running into a Plumbing Problem, While Cleaning, Is Never Fun.

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