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What Are My Sink Options for a Kitchen?

Ah, the kitchen sink! Known to be one of the most essential features in your cooking space, it’s usually quite a tough task to select the perfect one — especially if you’re not sure what aesthetic you’re going for, yet. 

Now, just like a bathroom sink, there are many different styles and options to choose from. Before setting your sights on the first sink you see in the store, here are some of the many popular options you can choose from!


Coming in as one of the most popular sinks to have in a kitchen, the under-mount entirely lives up to its name: this sink is mounted under the countertop for a smooth, seamless look. If you opt for this style, not only will it help tie the room together, but it will make wiping food particles off the counter, and into the garbage disposal, an absolute breeze!

Top Mount

Another popular model of a sink to have is the top mount. This particular style is placed over the countertop instead of underneath it. Just like the under-mount, this sink basin is common in many homes across the country and truly makes for a beautiful accent piece in your kitchen!

Double Basin

Now, if you find that you hand wash your dishes more than you use the dishwasher (or you don’t have the appliance at all), then a double basin will be the perfect fit in your kitchen! 

Living up to its name (notice a trend here?), this sink has two separate basins to make washing dishes a breeze! One basin, of course, will be for soaking your dishes, while the other side will be for rinsing — it’s that simple (and practical, too)!

Farmhouse Sink

A newer trend in home remodeling is to have a farmhouse sink installed! This model is the perfect fit for those that not only want a larger single-basin sink but for those that want it to be the focal point of their kitchen (many of these sinks have elegant details and rustic charm)! 

Another important detail to note is that this sink is genuinely the best of both worlds — meaning that the back of the sink is placed under the counter, while the front of the sink does not have a countertop hovering over it; it’s open and inches out a little bit from the counter!

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