Orange Bar of Soap

What’s the Best Way to Store a Bar of Soap?

Q: What is one item that is commonly found in many bathrooms across the country? 

A: A bar of soap!

No matter what brand it is or what scent it may bear, all soap bars have one thing in common: they don’t last forever. And depending on how you store your bar, there’s a chance that you could be decreasing its lifespan at a much faster rate.

Now, if you’re looking to keep your bar of soap around for a decent amount of time (anywhere from two to four weeks), here are some tips to consider:

Let it Dry

After you’ve used a bar of soap, do you place it in a spot where it can dry or somewhere it can get splashed with water? If you typically go for the latter, then that is one of the biggest reasons why your bar of soap is disintegrating so quickly. Therefore, you’ll want to find a spot where this rectangular hygiene staple can dry off (i.e., the top shelf of a shower, away from the showerhead).

Use a Soap Dish

Now, do you tend to put the bar directly on a surface or in a soap dish? If you use a soap dish, you’re already ahead of the game — but there’s a potential roadblock: does the soap dish allow proper drainage or does it let the bar wallow in the water? When it comes to preserving a bar of soap, you’ll want to make sure that the soap dish can let your bar drain. This will give it enough time to air out and be in pristine condition.

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