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Why Is It Better to Use an Enzyme-Based Drain Cleaner?

When opting to use a chemical drain cleaner, it will get the job done — with harsh, damaging additives. And if used continuously over time, there’s a stronger chance that the chemical drain cleaner will begin to destroy the inside of the plumbing pipes in your home — which is something that no homeowner should have to go through.

However, there’s a much better alternative: enzyme-based drain cleaners! These specialized, “green” cleaners contain cultures that help eat away oil, grease, fat, and organic waste, naturally — without those harmful additives!

Slower, but More Effective

Since chemicals are quite aggressive, they’ll provide you with instant results — but as mentioned earlier, that can also have some long-term consequences. That being said, when using an enzyme-based drain cleaner, it will take a little longer for it to help get your drain up and running again. However, always keep in mind the old saying: “slow and steady wins the race” — and with a green drain cleaner, you’ll be winning that race each and every time!

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