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The Truth on How Hard Water Impacts Your Laundry

The Signs You Have Hard Water

Ever notice that your bathtub has a constant ring? When lathering your shampoo and soap, is it becoming increasingly harder to get it to a nice sudsy lather? Have your last few loads of laundry left your clothes feeling rougher or stiffer than usual? These are all the clear signs of a home dealing with hard water issues. 

Though you might know how water quality impacts your drinking water or your water heater, the truth is, many don’t consider the impact it can have on their washing machine, too. Here are just a few of the ways hard water could impact not only your washing machine but the laundry that comes out of it, too: 

Fewer Suds as You Wash

That scum you see on your plumbing fixtures? That occurs when the minerals in your water react with the soap, creating buildup. This soap scum that is formed hinders suds from forming, making it more difficult for your machine to wash your clothes as it should. 

More Detergent Used

Since the minerals in hard water prevent suds from correctly forming, you might find yourself having to use a bit more detergent with each use. Though your detergent use has gone up, the cleanliness of your clothes will often seem to decline.

More Wear and Tear on Your Clothing

Since you can’t get the proper suds on your clothes, you’re not fully achieving the clean your laundry needs. Not only that, but the minerals in your water can also weaken your fibers, discolor the fabric, and leave you with stiff, soiled clothes that need to be retired before their time.

It Puts Pressure on Your Washing Machine

You know those white deposits and buildup that occurs on the outside of your fixtures? They are most likely on the inside of your water-using appliances, too. Often hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and these are the very minerals that lead to scale buildup or mineral deposits. This can eventually lead to a clog in your plumbing, but this stress wears down your washing machine, shortening their lifespan and efficiency. 

Consider Water Purification and Softening

Though you could make your DIY water softener for each wash, the truth is hard water can do a number on your entire home. From your water heater to your dishwasher, a free water analysis can help you assess the state of your water and find the best option for you.

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