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Why Is My Toilet Still Running?

The sound of a constantly-running toilet is enough to drive you mad! A lot of us have experienced this, the pain of hearing the never-ending sound of running water after a flush. When the sound of running water does hit your home, you’ll want to find the root of the problem fast. Here are some common reasons your toilet is still running. 

Broken Toilet Handle

Start with the simplest fix out of all of these: your toilet handle! If you try to push down on it and notice it keeps getting stuck, it may be old and need to be replaced. Luckily, it is a fairly simple installation and won’t require too much of your time. 

Broken Flapper

The flapper (sometimes called the “flush valve seal”) is the plug inside the tank that acts as a seal for your toilet bowl. This rubber flap valve stays on the drain hole and keeps the water in until the next time you use the toilet. When you use your handle, the flapper lifts and lets the water out. If it is broken at all, water can start to leak through.  Even the slightest crack on this piece will cause a faster-decaying process. If this piece is the cause of your problem, you’ll have to replace it as soon as possible. The best way to identify it is by doing a look inside the tank when you flush.

Flapper Chain Length

If it’s not the flapper or toilet handle, the next step is to check the chain. Lift your tank lid and take a look at the chain attached to your flapper. The length of your chain has to be very specific. If it’s too long, it will get stuck under your flapper. However, if it’s too short it won’t seal at all. A quick chain adjustment might be all you need to stop your toilet from running! 

Check Your Fill Valve

Lastly, the next place to check is your fill valve. This is the part of the toilet that fills the tank with fresh water after a flush. If you are also hearing strange noises coming from your toilet on top of the running water sound, your fill valve could be the cause! If you find this DIY project daunting or if you’re not sure the fill valve is the problem, a professional plumber can help spot the issue and get it fixed.

Whether it’s a repair job or brand new installation, we’ve got you covered. Contact Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. today to learn more about dual flush toilets and how you can save money by upgrading your home’s plumbing fixtures.