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Plants That Are Beneficial in Any Home

When you’re looking to add a new decorative element in your home, the possibilities are endless. Whether that be a work of art or a piece of furniture, any new addition will transform a space.

However, there is something that tends to go overlooked — a house plant. Not only will it add a splash of color and elegance, but it can even help improve your indoor air quality!

Before you purchase any old plant, here are some great options to consider!

Plants That Can Help Indoor Air Quality

English Ivy

One of the most popular “fan favorites” of plants is English Ivy! This plant has long, flowing “arms” and is truly a beautiful sight to see — especially when it’s kept in a hanging planter! And besides it being aesthetically pleasing, English Ivy is said to help remove harmful airborne particles in a home, which is a huge benefit to consider!

Dragon Tree

With leaves that look like the tails of dragons, this visually stunning plant can help in the fight against poor indoor air quality. And besides coming in hues of purple and green, this plant can not only tolerate the sun’s bright rays, but it can also survive in areas that receive minimal light — which is always a plus!

Peace Lily

Known for its beauty and elegance, the Peace Lily is genuinely an excellent addition to any home or office! Believed to help remove formaldehyde, this delicate-looking bloom really can put up a fierce battle against harmful elements. 

However, it’s essential to know that this plant can be toxic to your pets, as well as yourself — so make sure to keep it away from your fur babies, and always wash your hands with soap and water if you touch it!

Do You Need an Air Purification System?

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