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Reasons Why a Bathtub Can Clog

Clogs are a common plumbing problem that just about everyone will experience at some point. Additionally, these blockages are a natural result of use — especially when it comes to drains that are used on a daily basis. That being said, your bathtub can become clogged effortlessly, but it is thankfully an easy fix.

However, learning why your bathtub drain can clog is an excellent way to prevent blockages in the future. Read on to learn how you can protect your plumbing!

Why is My Bathtub Clogged?

How a Clog Can Form

Here at Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc., we are no strangers to bathroom clogs. Some of the most common reasons bathtubs become clogged are:

  • Hair
  • Dead skin build-up
  • Soap scum
  • Dirt, sand, or other hard particles
  • Hard water deposits

While a simple snaking can remove foreign objects, hard water will require additional intervention. If you have hard water, you’re likely to experience frequent clogging throughout your home along with other negative side-effects such as dry hair and skin, faded clothes, and stains in tubs, showers, and sinks.

Signs of a Bathtub Clog

Aside from your tub not draining at all, there are some other indicators that your drain line is clogged. Firstly, pay attention to how long it takes for the water to leave the tub. In the early stages of build-up, most bathtubs and showers will still drain, but it will gradually take longer over time. Don’t wait until you’re ankle-deep in a shower or stuck with a full tub before you seek help!

Another sign of a potential clog is gurgling noises or water bubbling back up as it moves down the drain. It can be tough for water to move past clogs, especially as they become stuck to the walls of your drain.

When You Run Into a Clog, Give Us a Call!

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