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The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are becoming a staple in American homes for good reason. Unlike traditional models, tankless heaters require less maintenance, last longer, and are more energy-efficient. Whether you want to upgrade your unit now or are just considering your options in the future, here are a few of the reasons why you might want to go tankless.

Why Should I Consider a Tankless Water Heater?

Fewer Repairs

Both traditional and tankless water heaters should have annual flushing to remove mineral build-up. However, tankless models tend to be more durable and require fewer repairs over time. No type of water heater is completely invincible, but you’ll find that a tankless model is much more durable than its counterpart.

Save Money and Use Less Water

Tankless water heaters keep hot water on standby, so you’ll save money and water in the long run. Furthermore, they prevent heat loss and use less water due to the fact they have a supply on-demand.

In addition, tankless models can provide hot water for longer periods of time; you won’t have to worry about the shower running cold after 10 minutes or the kitchen sink faucet never heating up.

Longer Lifespan

Most tankless models last about 20 years, which is double the average life expectancy for a traditional water heater. Some tank models may make it to approximately 15 years, but you’ll notice a significant drop in performance and heating as they get on in years. A tankless model is a good investment for anyone who wants to increase their home’s value.

Save Space

Tankless water heaters use less space than a standard water heater. If you’re in the process of updating your home, a tankless water heater can help you achieve a more modern design. Wall-mounted and energy-efficient, tankless water heaters can be a good upgrade for owners looking to sell their home with an increased value.

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