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Ways to Use Rubbing Alcohol Around the House

One of the biggest perks of being a homeowner is being able to use one item for multiple purposes. And if you happen to have a fully-stocked bathroom, there’s a chance you’ll have a bottle of rubbing alcohol lying around. When that’s the case, typically, you’ll use this first aid antiseptic to clean wounds and lower the risk of infection.

However, here are some other helpful ways you can use this first aid essential around your living space!

Other Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

Wipe Down Blinds

If you happen to have slatted blinds in your home, then you know it can be rather tricky to clean them. However, when the dust begins to pile up, and you’re looking to give them a good wipe down, try using rubbing alcohol instead of a household cleaner! 

To do this, you’ll want to take a cloth and dap a small amount of the first aid solution on it. Once complete, start wiping down each slat with the cloth, and in no time, your blinds will be as clean as can be!

Clean Faucet Handles

Are the faucet handles in your bathroom getting a little dingey? If so, wipe them down with (you guessed it) some rubbing alcohol! Just like wiping down your blinds, use a microfiber cloth, the first aid liquid, and wipe away the build-up!

Remove Fingerprints on a Screen

You know it well: Whether it be your computer or television, these objects are prone to having fingerprints running across them at one point or another. And while you don’t want to use anything too strong or abrasive, there is a simple solution to help get the prints off of the screen: rubbing alcohol! 

Taking a minimal amount of rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball (or pad), gently brush away fingerprints within seconds. Instantly, you’ll see a difference, and your screen will glimmer as if it were new!

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