What Are the Risks of Using a Portable Heater?

When you’re looking to add an extra layer of warmth to a room, whether it has heating vents installed or not, you might consider a portable heater. And while this seems like a good, simple way to get the job done, some risks are associated with using a portable heating device.

Before you plug your portable heater in, here’s what you should know:

Common Risks of Using a Portable Heating Device

Dangerous to Animals

Whether you have a cat or dog, there’s a chance that when the temperature begins to drop a smidge, they’ll want to lay next to any heat source in your home. However, if they were to get too close to a portable heater, the device can cause a pretty severe burn. Therefore, if you opt to use one of these heating units, you’ll want to place it in a room that they don’t have access to.

Not Safe for Kids

If you’re a parent, then you know that your child may be drawn to objects that light up and glow — just like a portable heater. And the minute you turn your head for a brief second, your child might want to touch the glowing face of this device, which will result in a burn. That said, you’ll want to make sure that portable heaters are completely out of their reach.

Risk to Furnishings

If a portable heater is placed too close to various furnishings in your home, those objects have the chance of catching fire. Items, such as dangling curtains and carpeting, can pose a threat — putting you and your loved ones in danger. Make sure that when you opt to use a portable heater, it is away from anything that is flammable and is propped on a safe, sturdy surface.

Are You Using a Portable Unit Because Your Central Heating System Need a Repair?

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