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Spring Habits the Could Be Harming Your Drains

With a lot of time indoors, and the spring fever kicking in, there might be a few habits you’ve picked up in the last week or so. Some of them might be harmful to your drains. Though not intentional, the three spring habits below, if not done with drain care in mind, could leave you with a significant clog: 

1. Indoor Pet Baths

Though you might be itching to bathe your four-legged pal and finding yourself having to tackle the task yourself, consider doing it outdoors. The truth is, not only is it a tedious situation to try and keep your dog calm and collected in the tub, the hair and soap can lead to a significant clog.

If you have no option other than to bathe your pet in your bathroom, be sure that you have a drain catcher, or that you are catching any hair that they might shed, to prevent it from going down with the bathwater.

2. Ignore Your Drain Spring Cleaning

A gurgle after you’re done washing your hands, a smell that’s lurking from your sink, these are all signs that your household drains need some major TLC. Drain cleanings should be part of your routine maintenance. It can help prevent significant clogs that put a strain on your plumbing and could lead to significant issues down the road. 

So if you think your drains are slowly starting to get mucked up with dirt and debris, it’s time to get a professional cleaning scheduled.

3. Flushing Any and Everything

Your plumbing is seeing a lot more traffic than it usually does, so adding the extra stress of careless flushing can be a significant strain to your system. So be mindful of using minimal toilet paper, to not flush anything besides that, and to pay attention to the signs of a clog. 

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