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Is Hydro-Jetting Safe for Old Pipes?

Clogged Pipe

When sewer pipes are severely blocked or clogged, and simple measures such as plunging or snaking just aren’t doing the job, it’s time to consider hydro-jetting. With a pressurized stream of water, your pipe issue can be treated in an effective and eco-friendly way.

But what does this mean for homes with older pipes? We have some answers below:

Signs You Need Hydro-jetting

The first sign that you might need a professional drain cleaning is when your pipes are slow to drain. Others might notice a sudden odor wafting in their kitchen or bathrooms due to a significant clog. Though some DIY drain solutions might fix the issue for a bit, some blockages need a bit more work. If you continually have recurring drain issues or clogs a professional look would be best. 

But What If You Have Older Pipes?

The process works by using pressurized water through your pipes to dislodge the blockage. For severely damaged pipes, this might not be the best solution as it could further increase damage, but in most cases, it’s a quick and often the best solution. Not only can it remove the blockage but it also deep cleans the inside of your pipes to remove built-up grease and oils too. 

Not to Worry Though…

If you’re worried that the state of your pipes can’t handle the pressure of the water, we can assure you that no service will start without all treatment options being considered. Before we even begin the process, our team will use a video camera to inspect the clog and see the state of your pipes. We can then determine the best course of action to get your drains flowing again in no time. 

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